Combining remotely sensed ata with change detection algorithms

Kunwar Singh

AidData Geospatial Scientist

Dr. Kunwar K.Singh is a Senior Geospatial Scientist at AidData and an Affiliate Faculty at theCenter for Geospatial Analysis at William & Mary. His research is at the nexus of land change and geospatial sciences where he investigates how the terrestrial system can support future land conversions and resource consumption under a changing climate. He uses geospatial data and technologies supplemented with data from ground observations and weather stations to develop workflows for large spatiotemporal data processing, assess broad-scale land change and its implications to natural resources, and measure outcomes of new adaptations to diminishing natural resources. He also serves as a science advisor to the NASA DEVELOP program at the Center for Geospatial Research at the University ofGeorgia. 

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