Research on the intersection of gender and development

Jessica Wells

AidData Senior Program Manager

Jessica Wells is a Senior Program Manager in AidData's Research and Evaluation Unit, where she is the lead program manager for numerous awards from funders including USAID and the Hewlett Foundation. Jessica conducts research on the intersection of gender and development. She works on projects analyzing gender-based violence in schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa. She is also conducting a retrospective evaluation of a small earth dam project in Northern Ghana in relation to gendered household dynamics. She is a co-creator of AidData's new Gender Equity in Development initiative, which focuses on bringing AidData's geospatial and research expertise to gendered development research. Her expertise lies in program management, geospatial analysis, and econometric methods.

Previously, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at the WomanStats Project, and worked with the Worldwide Organization for Women as a Global Education Opportunity Intern in Geneva, Switzerland. Jessica received her Master of Public Policy and BA in Economics from Brigham Young University.

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