Leveraging AI, high-res satellite imagery, crowdsourcing, and other digital tools to support the Global Goals

Rhiannan Price

DevGlobal Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Rhiannan Price is a Principal Consultant and Managing Director of Inclusive and Sustainable Development at DevGlobal Partners. Rhiannan has over 15 years' experience working at the intersection of technology and development, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, very high-resolution satellite imagery, crowdsourcing, and other digital tools in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She's passionate about the potential for technology to break down our siloes and help us leapfrog to a more resilient, sustainable world.

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We will soon begin outreach for communities of practice. We hope that these become a space for impact evaluators, remote sensing experts, and field organizations to brainstorm and problem solve about how Earth observation can lead to program insights that solve real world, long-running challenges of climate adaptation and agricultural development.
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